Mercia Creations finds inspiration in everyday life and gives it form in snow sculpture competitions world wide.  Consider Spokes

A tornado in Windsor, Colorado devastated homes and destroyed businesses. The artist observed repair crews of electricians, roofers, and dry wallers.  Tradesmen all engaged, coming together, rebuilding the beleaguered town. Like the spokes of a wheel.  Turning that wheel, resettling families and reopening businesses.

The winter of 9/11 produced a tribute in snow, Brighter Than Ever, at Breckenridge, Colorado. It honored all those who worked tirelessly, serving the traumatized New Yorkers.

Artisans communicate through immense sculpted snow to express what our culture is about, to give others worldwide a message of love from Loveland. In Nayaro, Japan the competition appropriately fell on February 14th.

These same snow sculpture designs are later cast in miniature for snow globes.

The beauty of public demonstration art is creating in front of the public, who watch a 10 foot  block of snow completely transform.

The ultimate for the team are their two People's Choice awards. Appreciative viewers understood their message.

Contact artist Steve Mercia via e-mail or call: (970) 218-9417 


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